The Curious Case of Custom Stickers

Custom Stickers

Custom stickers are the fastest and easiest way to promote your business. Promotional stickers offer a simple and cost-effective way to market your brand. Because it is affordable, small businesses can maximize this strategy to build brand awareness and also to engage their customers.

Every small business can hugely benefit from adding promotional stickers to their marketing campaign. Here’s why.

Ease of Distribution

Printed stickers are easy to carry and to distribute. There are several tactics businesses can use to distribute them effectively. These include:

• Having the business distribute the stickers in carefully controlled locations, like in kiosks, trade shows, and conferences, which allows them to decide who sees their brand.

• Passing stickers to whoever will take them, and letting them stick them wherever they please – a tactic which can help a brand gain wider influence.

• Using contests and incentives to encourage people to place the stickers in clever locations.

All three of these methods are relatively simple to accomplish. Businesses may choose one method over another as per their business type and campaign objectives or can even experiment with all three and see which works better for them.

Branding and Packaging

Product labeling is important for all kinds of retailers be it online sellers who ship products directly to customers or conventional brick and mortar ones. When you send out a product, you have a unique opportunity to promote your brand to that customer. Using labels on your packaging is a good way to reinforce your brand.

Branded products with labels

But effective labeling isn’t just about making your product recognizable. It’s also about persuading a customer to make a purchase. Much like your storefront, the packaging that your product comes in can have a big impact on how customers perceive your brand. Labels and stickers are a cost-effective way to order in bulk, plus you can customize the design, shape, colors, and size. 

Small businesses that send out their products in plain packaging are missing out on a huge branding moment. Including a label on the packaging will excite customers the minute they pick up the product and will increase brand recognition.

Disruption and Marketing

If you’ve got any stuff/equipment that is oftentimes out in the open where customers can see it, such as a point of sale standee, laptops, tables, bins, desks and so on, why not brand these items? You can keep it as simple as a custom logo sticker, or get as detailed as you like. These items work as mini-advertisements and help customers notice your brand while enhancing your overall brand vibe. 

Custom logo stickers can be used in a variety of situations such as at trade shows, in your storefront, at special events, in sample packs, and so on. You can use your business logo or any other brand symbolism to create custom stickers. Stickers are also an easy way of letting your customers express their belonging to a certain community and their association with its brand values, in other words, it lets your customers endorse you.

So, as you have considered wielding the power of stickers for your business growth, here are some tips for making it upbeat.

  • Make Your Idea Simple – You can’t have your entire brand story on your sticker, you can always create a brochure for that! Stickers are limited by space so be precise and put out a clear message.
  • Match Colors With Your Brand – Stickers made for businesses have to match your brand. The thing is that even when stickers don’t have your brand name explicitly on them, they still have to create a strong brand association and that can be done with help of colors.
  • Make The Text Readable – If you’ve decided to include text in your stickers, make it super large. 
  •  Test The Vinyl  – Quality matters as much as the design.

Promotional stickers offer an easy and affordable way for small businesses to showcase identity and spread the word about their brand. The key is crafting the right design or message that people like and can relate with. If you can crack this crucial factor, getting people to participate would be considerably easy. They would even go to the extent of proudly sticking them on their personal items.

As with any marketing medium, to maximize exposure and value, the sticker needs to be of appropriate quality and be properly designed. That’s where Smart Resolution can help. We offer high-quality business labels that you can order and customize online with your own design. What are you waiting for? Go order now.