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Featuring some graphic design tips from our experts.

Designing the Perfect Logo

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In definition, a logo is a symbol or a graphic element that shows the main orientation of the brand or the company. In theory, this sounds relatively easy to execute. In reality, though, creating the perfect logo for your company can either generate buzz or generate nix. Creating a professional logo undeniably has its benefits. […]

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Print Graphic Design Is Different From Web Design. Here’s Why

So I was talking to one of our in-house designers today about the differences between print and graphic design. The conversation was so informative that I felt that it was worth making a note of and sharing the highlights. I hope this helps you to understand why a good graphic designer always asks whether a […]

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Designing a Business Card

Business Card Printing: Tips for Designing Your Business Card There is one simple rule when it comes to business cards: LESS IS MORE! Below are some tips to creating a business card. Following these steps while keeping the golden rule in mind will help to ensure that you create an effective business card. LAYOUT: Business […]

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