Business Holiday Cards – How to make it work for your Business?

The holiday season is coming ahead and fast. It’s the right time to prepare and plan if you want your business to be on top of your customers’ mind. Sending out Physical Holiday Greeting Cards might be an age-old tradition. But, in this digital world, it makes a big difference.

Business Holiday Cards – How to make it work for your Business?

Why Your Business Should Send Holiday Postcards?

  • Economic/Cost-Effective
  • Great Last-Minute Holiday Campaign
  • Personal Touch
  • Direct Reach

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The first and foremost step to do is to create a plan/strategy. Whatever you do for your business, it is important to have a strategy in place. Sending out Holiday Business Cards isn’t any different. Plan your budget, target audience, in-house or outsourced printing, mode of delivery, etc.

Build your Target Audience list – It’d be a better idea to segment your customers based on demography, purchase behavior, and/or geography and send them personalized messages based on the segmentation. Build and segment your target audience.

Personal Message – As discussed above, address your customers and add a personal note on the message/greetings so it doesn’t look like it has been sent as part of a large group.

Be Generic – Make sure not to offend your customers’ religious sentiments. The best way to stay safe is to include a generic ‘Happy Holidays’ message.

Promotion – Include Your Holiday Offers, Discounts or Coupons

In-House or Outsourced Printing – You need to decide whether to go with in-house printing or outsourced. Online Printing Partners like us, Smart Resolution can take care of the printing process while you can plan on the other tasks.

Personal Signature – Make sure the closing has a signature that is signed on or looks as much inked as possible rather than printed.

Send out on time – Read below ‘When Should You Plan & Send Holiday Cards’

Sending cards out of City, State, or Country – Make sure the message matches the recipient and reaches them early.

Send Appropriate Holiday Cards – It should reflect your brand and the holidays as well in an elegant way. Don’t make it too funky.

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 When Should You Plan & Send Holiday Cards?

You wouldn’t believe but now is the right time to start planning to send your business holiday greeting cards. If you plan early, you have ample time to design and go through the cards before being dispatched and reaching at the right time. Also you can concentrate on other holiday season campaigns. Make sure the Holiday Cards reach your audience no later than First Week of December, irrespective of their location.

Here are some other tips to Ensure your Business is Holiday Ready

Business Holiday Cards Printing at Smart Resolution

We offer holiday cards that you can order and customize online with your own verse and signatures; include rich silver or gold foils, intricate embossing, special die-cut windows, and always include matching envelopes.