Business Check Security Features

Business Check Printing: Check Security Features

All business checks Smart Resolution offers have no-less than ten security features. Security features on checks prevent fraud and counterfeiting. The features not only make fraud difficult, they also discourage criminals from attempting to tamper with the checks. High-security checks offer 22 security features which make check fraud virtually impossible.

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UV Dull Paper – Paper that is formulated to look different under ultraviolet light than standard paper. This feature discourages duplication.

Chemically Sensitive Paper – When attempts are made to chemically alter printed information, the paper becomes marked with spots or stains.

Erasure Protection – If someone attempts to erase information on the check, the background will erase and leave white marks.

Invisible Fluorescent Fibers – Very small fibers that are manufactured into the paper. These fibers can only be seen when the paper is placed under an ultraviolet light.

Micro-print Borders or Micro-print Signature Line – On manual or custom checks, the signature line contains small printed type. On the computer checks, this fine small type is hidden within the border and can only be viewed with magnification. The lines will become jagged when scanned or copied.

“Original Document” Screen – This feature on the back of the check makes it difficult for fraudsters to copy or scan checks.

Padlock Icon and Warning – This padlock icon is a visual cue for potential criminals alerting them to the security features included on the check.

Toner Adhesion – This processing of anchoring the ink into the checks makes it next to impossible for the ink to be lifted without leaving behind visible damage. The ink is anchored to the check by binding it to the paper fibers using heat.

Colored Background Pattern – This pattern is difficult to replicate or alter.

Warning Box – A small box on the back of the checks lists all of the above-mentioned security features to discourage check fraud attempts.

PREMIUM SECURITY CHECKS contain these added security features:

Artificial Watermark – This is a watermark that is printed onto the paper and is not manufactured into the check like a true watermark.

HIGH SECURITY CHECKS have these advanced security features:

Foil Hologram – Along with being impossible to reproduce, this dimensional, multicolored foil has seven security features embedded in it.

Visible Fibers – These fibers can be seen with the naked eye and are embedded randomly into the check’s paper.

Thermochromic Ink – This ink disappears when it is heated, making some forms of check fraud obvious.

Chemical-wash Detection Area – If a check is chemically altered, this lock area will show stains or speckling.

Original Document Background Pattern – A pattern on the background of the check deters reproduction.

Intricate Design Border – The border on the check has an intricate design printed in it, making it difficult to reproduce.

True Watermark – This design is pressed into the paper during manufacturing. The design can be seen when the check is held up to a light and it is impossible to reproduce using scanners and copiers.

(High Security Checks contain the above features in addition to chemical sensitive paper, micro-printed borders, warning border, consecutive numbering, padlock icon, invisible fluorescent fibers, and a security warning box.)

Now that you know how check fraud can happen, how it can be prevented and the added security features embedded in checks, you can safely order your checks online. Check out our post Business Check Printing: Your Guide to Ordering.