Why Your Business needs Personalized Letterhead & Envelope?

In this digital age, people have turned back to be more attentive to printed materials or mails rather than being responsive to the junk of emails they receive online. A printed business communication letter, be it a proposal to a potential client or an offer letter to your new employee, makes the first impression of your company/brand. While a Custom Printed Letterhead & Envelope help create a best first impression, they also help your business present itself in a professional manner.

Here are some reasons why you need to consider creating a personalized business letterhead and envelope:

Better Brand Identity and Awareness

You won’t be interested in communicating with an unknown person. The same can happen to your business. If you use custom letterhead, prospects can recognize your brand/logo. Your business logo, design and color code will infiltrate your brand identity in the minds of the recipient and hence, will establish a personal connection.

Marketing Material

This is the most important aspect for any small business. Your company name, address and other contact details will be present in the Letterhead & Envelope, which serve as a very powerful boost to your overall marketing efforts.


When was the last time you opened a mail and read it completely when it had only text and no branding or authority? A custom letterhead gives credibility to the information you are trying to convey. Prospective clients or new employees will get a better confidence with your business/brand. They will boost the confidence of your existing customers or employees. It gives a professional image and makes it easier to get attention to.

Larger Business Image

If you are a small business or solopreneur, custom letterheads will create a bigger image in the minds of the recipient about your business. Mail correspondence with custom letterhead and envelope create an impression that is more than just professional, matching the standards of large enterprises. This will even help you stealing bigger deals and step up your small business.

If you have planned to print Custom Letterheads & Envelopes, we offer different options: ones that you can customize online or ones that are based on your own design and branded colors. All our business letterheads have perfectly matching stationery envelopes so that you can have a clear business identity.

These affordable letterheads can get you started on your business identity in no time. Match with corresponding business cards and envelopes for a complete look.