NCR Business Forms Printing

NCR Business Forms Printing

NCR (No Carbon Required) business forms are a common tool used in modern companies. The no muss no fuss forms allow for multiple carbonless copies to be made instantly using chemically treated paper and pressure from a pen, typewriter or dot matrix printer. The key features to these forms are their convenience and versatility.

Where did it begin?

NCR paper was invented by National Cash Register Company in 1952 (known as the NCR Corporation since 1974) as an alternative to carbon copy paper, which would rub black ink onto your fingers when you used it. NCR paper avoids this issue with a chemically treated paper that avoids the messy wax of the carbon paper.

How does it work?

NCR Business Forms

The page on top of a set of carbonless business forms is the original. The back of the original as well as every copy except for the last one is coated in color forming capsules. The front of each copy is covered in a color developer. When pressure is applied, the color forming capsules on the back of one page react with the color developer on the front of the next page and the information transfers. NCR business forms typically come with up to 5-parts (1 original and 4 copies). These copies are traditionally different colors and can be labeled to advise who receives each copy.

How is it used?

The most common use for carbonless paper is for NCR business form printing. Many standard and custom printed NCR business forms offer the option for the number of parts, ink colors, size, and how they are bound. These forms are most commonly used as invoices, sales receipts, agreements, order forms, estimates, contracts, proposals, purchase orders, and work orders. Depending on whether the forms are manually written on or are used with a compatible software, they will be a number of different sizes. The convenience of NCR paper’s ability to make multiple copies at one time also allows for use out of the office and is ideal for record keeping.

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