Landscaping: DIY vs PRO?

Having a green thumb is something many of us are blessed with. On the other hand (mind the pun), if you’re anything like me, if a plant needs more than watering, chances are, it won’t survive much around my parts.

If you are enthusiastic, love to get dirty, and increase your outdoor proficiency, then maybe a DIY outdoor landscaping project is something that you find intriguing and somewhat exciting. We all know it adds value to your home, and the rewards of completing such a task yourself can be monumental.  There does come a time, though, when you have to throw down the shovel, raise your arms in the air, and surrender. Some jobs may too overwhelming or challenging to the average homeowner. Things like excavation and electrical work may be better left to the pros.

Really, the only reason people waver on the decision to hire professional is the budget.  Generally, avid gardeners prefer to take on the more meager tasks while hiring a company for the bigger jobs.  Issues like building things to code and assessing and forseeing any possible damage can save you time, money, as well as headaches.

A landscaper will also be quite versed on the types of foliage and such that you should or shouldn’t use in your space. What is appropriate, what will bring to life your image for amazing curb appeal.

Ultimately, beginners should always seek the help of a professional as there are quite a few problems that can arise if not thought-out properly. Lighting, water features and such are things that are always best left to the pros.

Be sure to look for a professional who understands the exact type of project you are embarking on. Whether it be pool, deck, porch or backyard, it never hurts to ask for a little help and heed some expert advice.