How to Create a Richly Successful Blog

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You’ve poured your heart out onto a page, positive that your extensive expertise on the topic: Why Squirrels Prefer to Cross the Street as a Car is Approaching will be a nail-biting page turner. Contrary to your steadfast beliefs, your blog failed miserably.  Not one like or share, and only 3 avid squirrel lovers read it. What happened to the old adage Build it and they will come? Don’t set your laptop on fire just yet. We’ve got some surefire tricks that will help you turn your awkward one way conversation into a flourishing blog.

  1. Find Your Niche – Broad is Odd: If you plan on writing about something broad-for instance why the sky is so blue, your readers will be sparse and dismal. There is MUCH too MUCH information out there about something as general as the sky.  Narrowing down your topic allows you to target exactly the specific readers that are interested in your literal matter.
  2. Make your Topic Relevant to You- Don’t be an Unknown Joan: Simply put, make sure you are choosing a topic that you know and care about. If you are a chef, and you’re passionate about creating delectable and delightful dishes, avoid creating a blog about the Joys of Gardening. People respect and listen to those that they feel have knowledge and sentiment toward the topic about which they write. Use your experience, education, and insight about your blog topic to create savory posts.
  3. Prepare to Always Write- Stick-to-it-ive-ness: Be prepared to write, A LOT. Think of ideas that will allow you to create at least a blog a week. This may seem easy in theory, but trust me when I tell you, creating fresh and relevant content weekly can be a bit of a daunting task if you are not otherwise prepared. Throw some humor into your posts! This cannot be emphasized enough. If not for some humor sometimes, you’d simply be creating dreary posts that can cause your audience to lose interest. It is never a requirement for a good writer to be perfectly serious all the time.
  4. Format Your Blog- Too Long Doesn’t Belong: Formatting your posts in a way that makes  them pleasing to your reader’s eye (as well as pleasant to their digestive systems) is key. No one wants to read a novel of boring and irrelevant thoughts that are spewed out at a yawningly horrible rate. Instead, make use of glorious inventions such as: Bullets, images, and quotation marks. Break up your post to make it more engaging. successful-blogging
  5. Headline-Titles are Vital: Creating a strong and attractive headline/ title for your blog is ideal for catching the attention of your potential readers. Consider this:  “How to Avoid Work”  vs “Find a New Job.” If you’re anything like me, the latter would be much less appealing than the former. No one REALLY wants to work.

Now that I’ve lectured you on the importance of concise and engaging articles, I feel it is time for me to bring this one to an end. I will now take my own advice and insert images, bullets, and other items to make this post more attractive. After all, it is always important to practice what you preach.