Accounting Print Basics


On the most basic level, accountants and CPA’s keep and inspect financial records for companies, government groups, or individual clients. Accountants have been getting a bad rep for centuries. The perception that it is all mind numbing number crunching is, well, let’s face it, is somewhat true, but that is a minute sector of the grand illustration. Unfortunately accountants have always been stereotyped as subhuman robots that labor for “the man” with insufficient rewards.  Many accountants will tell you that their profession relies heavily on not just numbers and equations, but on people skills as well. The success of their enterprise is multi faceted and cannot be labeled or defined under any one parasol.

Seeing that this is a print-based blog, it’s time to bring it back to print. What kind of printing products can the right print company offer accountants? The variety in choice is often a great determiner of which  print company your accounting firm, or your private practice appoints.

The Basics: Checks. Obviously one of the most relevant items to any accountant. The variety is immense. The fundamentals all trace back to the software you are using. Finding checks that work with your software will lighten your burden.  Whether it be payroll or A/P, once you find the checks that best suit your needs, buy them all up and let the elation set in.

The Not-So-Basics: Tax Forms. Not an area we claim to know everything about. What we do know is that it is an unquestionable asset in the accounting world. As we’ve heard from various of our accounting friends, it may not be the most favored time of the year, but it is part of the job description. Things like self mailing tax forms, 5498 forms, 199-NT forms, and the list goes on.  These are crucial to the success of your business.

The Obvious: Ledgers. Bringing it back to the “bean counter” days. Maintaining a ledger is a must in every accounting system, and are the stepping stones to every accounting system. Keeping a tight and accurate ledger is the basis on which accounting is built. 99

The Fun Stuff: Notices. It’s always fun to remind and harass your co-workers that their payment has not been received. Send them, stick them,  and abuse them as much as possible. Every profession deserves to have a little fun. account-past-due-stickers-1633

In case you haven’t realized by now, this blog is all about how Smart Resolution is the perfect choice for your print needs. We’ve got everything you need on one website. Come in and see what we can do for you.