7 Advantages of Door Hanger Marketing for Your Business!

Door Hangers, also referred to as cost-effective postcard, are wonderful promotion tools.
Inexpensive and hard to ignore, these little gems lay out a whole new canvas for you to paint

door hanger marketing

Let’s look into the advantages door hangers offer.

1. The edge

Compared to other forms of advertising, door hangers have the distinct advantage of not
being perceived as spam or junk mails. So, rather than being pitched straight into the bin,
door hangers actually stand the chance of being read, if not noticed.

2. Sure shot

When you place an ad on the web or print media, the chances of it being noticed is rather
slim. Door hangers on the other hand are prominent, stand out and are hard to go

3. Open canvas

Door hangers are customizable in both shape and form. So much so, they can precisely
represent your brand. For example, a luxury cruise operator can adopt a door hanger that’s
silhouetted as an ocean liner.

4. Cost effective

Unlike other promotion tools, door hangers are relatively inexpensive and work best for small
and low budget campaigns. Compared to televised commercials and internet ads, door
hangers are next to free.

5. Targeted audience

Door hanger marketing is pretty effective for localized campaigns. For example, a pastry
shop can resort to door hangers and precisely target audience in the neighbourhood rather
than diverting the marketing budget towards internet ads or print media.

6. On-time delivery

Door hangers are flexible when it comes to scheduling delivery. Whether it’s the middle of
the week sale or a month before holidays, you get to have absolute control over when your
target audience see it.

7. Effective

If done right, campaigns involving door hangers can be effective and have a high conversion
rate. Moreover, door hangers often get used as bookmarks and a well-designed piece isn’t
going to be tossed out.

Now, if you’re planning to include door hangers in your next campaign, head over to our
Door Hangers section and select a design that best suits you, or better yet, Design Your
Own Door Hangers.