Small Business Holiday Party

Small Business Guide to Throwing a Holiday Party

All work and no play makes the office a dull place.

The holidays are the perfect time to blow off some steam with an office party. However, it may seem difficult for small businesses with ten or less employees to throw a memorable and fun holiday party.

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Here are some unique ideas to celebrate the season with your co-workers:

1. Potluck

Hosting a “potluck” meal is nothing new, the key here is THEME. Themes will promote creativity and conversation. The possibilities are endless. Place a form on the office bulletin board where employees can list the food they are bringing so there are no repeats. Theme Ideas:

  • Have each employee bring a signature dish from their culture.
  • Everyone can only bring foods beginning with a specific letter.
  • Dishes can only be red or green in color.
  • Everyone must not only make a dish, but a corresponding cocktail.
  • Finger foods only.
  • Everyone has to pick a secret ingredient out of a hat, and it must be incorporated into their dish.

2. Movie Night (or Day)


The feeling that the holidays have arrived is felt when watching a classic Christmas movie (or two, or three). This is an opportunity to get your entire office involved by taking votes and choosing a winning film to watch. Purchase theater style snacks (popcorn, candy, soda), and embrace the childlike joy the season brings by encouraging your staff to wear comfortable clothing.


3. Charity

The holiday season is about giving. There are many ways to incorporate giving back to the community at your office party. A canned food or toy drive is a simple way to get your entire office into the giving mood. Ask your staff if instead of spending the afternoon at the office eating and drinking, they can, as a group, volunteer at a local food bank or charity. If everyone in your office agrees, the money and time that is usually spent on a holiday party can be donated. Now that is something everyone can feel good about.


4. Invite other businesses

Is your office one of many in a building or complex? The main reason why an office holiday party can be mundane is that it is an event attended by the same people you see everyday. Visit the other businesses in your building and propose a joint holiday party. You could still use one of the above mentioned ideas, there would just be more people in attendance, more dishes at the potluck, and more canned goods to donate. When you’re celebrating the holidays, the more the merrier.