Organizing Your Business for the New Year

It’s already 2017 *cringe*. Of course, as you do every year, you look at yourself, your business, and your life and think – where did the time go? Well, at the risk of sounding like an over played infomercial, this could just be YOUR  year! The year to make everything work for you. To make things run smoothly. The year when your customers and your employees will skip while  whistling and singing your praises! If that seems like a bit of a fairy-tale stretch, it could just be the year that you employ some organizational tips to help things run more efficiently and get started on the right foot. However our humble advice helps you, as long as it helps you, we’re good.

Focus 1) Customers:  I think “cleaning house” may be an archaic term, but it is a good way to describe what needs to be focused on to offer superior customer service. Let’s face it, customers (including yourself) hate it when there is a whinny, miserable, discourteous person on the other end of the line. Sometimes all your customer needs  is a little reassurance and a quick fix. If your CSR team doesn’t meet this criteria, make them walk the plank! Alternately, you can re-train them. Walking the plank sounds much more exciting, though.

Focus 2) Delegate: As a small business owner,  you may find it hard to delegate tasks in fear of not having them done correctly. In short LEARN HOW TO DELEGATE- A LOT. Consider what you could gain by handing some tasks over to your staff. Something as simple as Sanity. Not everyone has it, but everyone needs it. Imagine the things you could do with those few hours you’ve just freed up. The possibilities are endless! That way all you have to focus on is that little, consequential thing called revenue.

Focus 3) Website: Refresh it. Clean it up. Make it polished and shiny again. In the endless rat race to master all social media avenues, don’t overlook your own website. It is your starting and ending point. Think about it, where will all of that endless Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook traffic drive the people to? There is simply nothing worse than campaigning for customers and then having them end up at a boring,inaccurate, and outdated website. Gag me with a spoon.

Focus 4) Promotions: Sit down with your business in one hand, and a calendar in the other and  map out all of your promotions for the year. Lay out any coupons you may create, promo codes etc. This will give you ample time to plan out blogs, social media posts, and any other necessary tools to help you sell sell sell!

Focus 5) De-Clutter: Sometimes we focus on the bigger things instead of the annoying things staring us square in the face. De-clutter your desktop! This can make a world of difference in your mood, your space, and your life. You can’t be efficient with scrap pieces of paper from the early 1900’s laying around sucking up space. Organize your immediate space to offer productiveness to your life. Maybe even Feng Shui your space..hey, if Donald Trump can do it….