How to Choose a Business Card Online?

Choosing the right business card online can be tricky. That’s why we’re here to help!

In this digital age, for sure, you are wondering about why you should still bring business cards with you, especially as most businesses these days are done digitally. Well, first and foremost, it makes you look professional. For example, when you meet a prospect client or business partner, you would surely not look professional and make a good impression on them if you just scribbled your contact number on a napkin. On the other hand, the design and look of your business card matters a lot. It should reflect what kind of business you have. So, when picking a business card online, consider the following tips below.

Think about your customers

What business card design do you think would reflect it? What colors and texture would best tell the story and the values of your brand? Giving these things some thought would surely help you distinguish your business from others. Of course, it should also be in-line with your business’ previous marketing materials.

Try embossing

If you don’t want your business card to look dull and boring, then you can consider embossing and nowadays, there are a lot of online companies who are offering such services. Embossing is where the text or the information of your card is raised, creating a 3d effect. Embossing has been preferred by a lot of businessmen out there for the reason that it adds elegance to business cards.

Opt for a simple design

Extravagant is not always better. So, you should not use too much colors on your business cards. In addition to that, instead of using fonts that looks good, use fonts that are easy to read instead. Make sure not to use a font size that is too small and as you place your logo, make sure that it’s just the right size.

Be mindful of the colors used

Of course, you need to make sure that your business card is pleasing to the eyes. It would always be best for you to opt for colors that are aesthetically pleasing instead of choosing colors that are too bright or too bold for it may indeed make your card standout but not in a positive way.

Consider adding QR codes

There are also online companies who are offering business cards that allow the addition of QR codes and so, you might as well consider it too. Not only will it allow you to save some space on your business cards but it would also make your card look cleaner. In addition to that, it can also be a great way for you to connect your online content with your business card. In fact, the person whom you gave it to just needs to scan the code to be redirected to your business’ website.

Many people overlook the importance of having professional looking business cards and so, don’t make the same mistake as them. Always consider your business card as something that is capable of leaving a strong impression on the people you are meeting up with. Choose your business cards online wisely!

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