Why Social Hospitality is Important.

Social Media has become one of the world’s most major form of marketing. These days, people make decisions on what to buy, where to go, and where to stay based on the feedback they read on various social media outlets.

The Hospitality industry has found a way to turn that exact feedback into data! it is called Social Hospitality. Hotels and restaurants are constantly seeking technology that allows them to gather all of this information and turn it into usable statistics and knowledge.

When you think about it, it makes tremendous sense to use real world and real time information to help better or build your brand. 90% of hotels are now on Facebook. This leaves ample room for clients to either bash or boast about their experiences at any one of those hotels. This opens the door to unique challenges as well as opportunities.

Reputation Management

Allowing guests to post images, share experiences as well as reviews about any given establishment allows the industry to open a dialogue with their past, present and future clientele. Every hotel must be set up to have a dedicated person to respond to feedback in real time. A quick and efficient response shows the guests that their needs are important to the establishment and that everything will be done to meet said needs.
It also helps keep your fans engaged. Early responsiveness is key in this mobile environment.

Personalize your Customer Service

Engaging with your clients via social media is a sure way to keep the buzz alive about your spot. Cater your responses to directly address clients that have utilized your place of business. A tweet to a client who celebrated a milestone party at your hotel to ask them how their stay was shows that you care about each individual client.

Social Media is and will remain a very powerful marketing tool for the very far foreseeable future. Hospitality owners must be ready to embrace the social media wave and to create a beneficial system with it.