How to Avoid Accountant Burnout this Tax Season

Today, we sat down with our accountant. For the first time ever, in our entire business relationship, she actually ran out of things to say. We looked at each other completely baffled. After all, she was here to TALK to us about our finances this tax season.. we weren’t supposed to be the ones doing the talking.

Then she released it, the monstrous guttural moan, plopped her head into her hands and almost incoherently grumbled,  “today, I have written 76 emails, prepared for my 14 clients that I will be seeing in these 2 days,  and planned a trip for after tax season. Oh, and I called my  mother.” She proceeded to atone for her misstep, and tried to pick up the pieces of our shattered meeting. She was the one demolished, we would be fine and live through it.

Moral of the story to all of our accountant friends…It’s OK. It happens. You  must take care of yourself in order to take care of your clients. These tips may seem common and simple to those around you, but to your crazy self during tax season, they may seem completely outrageous and not feasible.

  1. YOU YOU YOU. It a time of the year where you are the LEAST of your worries, you need to take time out for you. Besides running around from client to client, you need to get some regular exercise. The price of sitting too much will outweigh any other complications that may arise. You’re no good to anyone if you are not good to yourself. (Mind the cliché)
  2. AVOID WORK! This sounds delectable, I’m sure, but in reality there is some truth here. You have to whittle down your working hours and how hard you work every day. Not taking time to relax and unwind will undoubtedly lead to work burnout. Take the time to re-evaluate your workload and try to re-arrange some appointments and meetings to keep your sanity.
  3. REWARD YOURSELF. Take time out to do things for you. Whether it’s lunch with a friend, some snuggle time with your little ones, or a massage to rejuvenate, do it. No one will be the wiser. (except you, of course) *Snicker Snicker*
  4. FOCUS ON THE PRESENT. With each appointment, ensure that you are solely focused on one project at a time. Don’t let distractions interrupt your productivity.

As an accountant, your stress level is at an almost constant high. Clients demand things from you. Don’t try to “push through” your burnout. Trying to get through it will only decrease your performance and could possibly result in loss of clients. Deal with your burnout as opposed to ignoring it.

You can thank us later. After tax season.